Avik Kadakia

Backend Engineer

Queens, NY


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My Resume

Relevant Experience

Software Engineering Intern
June 2020 - Present
Alarm.com (McLean, Virginia)

  • Created an Interactive Sales Map with management and analytic capabilities that displayed locations and other specifics of over 24,000 datapoints
  • Executed calls to the HERE Maps API for JavaScript and displayed over 50 domestic and international sales rep territory assignments
  • Enhanced the page life cycle to reduce the number of API calls, SQL queries, and JavaScript loading time to reduce the page load time by 95%
  • Worked with pre-existing code, added new frontend (ASP.NET and JavaScript) and backend (C#) business logic to implement new features, business needs, and bug fixes, and identified and optimized the performance of problematic queries to improve SQL Server performance
  • Interacted with Software Engineers, Project Managers, Quality Engineers, and members from the Sales team of over 50, to gather requirements, and collect continuous feedback
  • Presented the Interactive Sales Map to the executive staff and members of various teams and submitted an idea for a pending patent

MIS Intern
June 2019 - August 2019
Steve Madden (Long Island City, New York)

  • Wrote scripts in Java and Python that organized the hierarchy of the company, updated records and backed up data
  • Documented the procedure to encrypt and reimage, and trained colleagues as applicable
  • Encrypted over 125 devices with BitLocker by equipping PowerShell, to prevent important information from being unwillingly extracted
  • Reimaged over 75 devices to provide the user with optimum experience and security

Teacher’s Assistant
August 2018 - May 2020
(CSE, AMS, MAT, and GEO Departments) Stony Brook University

  • Supported over 1200 students in Algorithms, Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Data Structures, and Introduction to Object–Oriented Programming
  • Facilitated students’ learning by helping with homework and other questions through discussion boards, emails, and hosted review sessions
  • Supervised lab sessions 4 times a week, held recitations twice a week with 30 students, and hosted 5 office hours weekly
  • Single-handedly designed homework assignments and exam papers, and assisted in grading tests

CEAS Peer Mentor
May 2018 - May 2020
Stony Brook University

  • Acted as a role model, and assisted incoming freshmen to ensure a smooth transition to SBU
  • Encouraged academic, social, and community involvement, and helped facilitate student access to campus resources, activities, and programs
  • Fostered positive connections among the students, staff, and faculty of CEAS and the greater SBU Campus
  • Organized professional and social events by collaborating with over 20 mentors and 70 mentees every year

Lab Manager
September 2017 - Present
Campus Residences, Stony Brook University

  • Managed West Apartments' computing center including 8 consultants and a monthly crowd of over 340 people
  • Coordinated with the custodians for the lab's maintenance and have been the first responder in case of an emergency
  • Accepted shifts as a consultant to work in a lab with 30 computers while students studied there


Frugal ML (Python)
January 2019 - May 2020
Professor Amir Rahmati Ph. D

  • Built multiple CNN classifiers with a data loader, and a batch iterator to explore the correlation between precision and mobile device performance
  • Mastered data augmentation, image normalization, early stopping, and learning rate optimization, resulting in a 12% improvement in accuracy
  • Examined the concepts of Mixture of Experts to further saturate the learning, and optimize the TensorFlow models

Web Security Analysis (Python)
June 2019 - Dec. 2020
Professor Amir Rahmati Ph. D

  • Explored numerous websites that allowed users to create an account, and recorded their password requirements
  • Analyzed the different types of password policies accepted, and examined them as they changed over time from over 220 websites
  • Developed algorithms to collect different password requirements by importing Python libraries such as Scrapy and Selenium

Stock Price Analysis (Python)
May 2019 - December 2020
Professor Praveen Tripathi Ph. D

  • Trained a time series analysis model using the ARIMA model, and computed a forecast about the future prices within a 0.24% error margin
  • Studied trends that caused certain changes in prices over time, and studied how the trends affected the company
  • Retrieved stock prices for various companies, and analyzed changes by comparing them with other factors to see their cause


Ratings Predictor (Python)
May 2020
  • Performed sentimental analysis, utilizing 128-dimensional word2vec embeddings of over 34,000 product reviews in order to predict the ratings
  • Upgraded the rating predictor to utilize 512-dimensional user-factor adaptation in a Ridge Classifier to improve prediction accuracy
  • Optimized the rating predictor and the word2vec model by improving the regularization strength to rank within the top 35 in the competition

Mood Lyric Generator (Python)
May 2020
  • Constructed bigram and trigram matrices, and applied add-k smoothing to the probability models to generate accurate predictions
  • Developed a Logistic Regression based language model that trains on over 57,500 songs, and predicts the most probable next word
  • Generated natural language for a genre based on the adjective classifier that earned 95% of the grade

PBX Telephone System (C)
April 2020
  • Implemented a Private Branch Exchange telephone system as a multi-threaded network server using low-level POSIX threads
  • Designed and manipulated concurrent data structures while exploring thread execution, mutexes, semaphores, and socket programming
  • Resulted in the PBX system being in the top 10% of the class that consists of undergraduate and graduate students

WireFramer (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
December 2019
  • Built a full stack wireframe maker web application using Firebase to store the data, and React to help render the wireframes
  • Allowed the user to manage each attribute of the wireframes including dragging, duplicating, editing, and resizing the components on the screen
  • Implemented a sign-in system based on email/password authentication, and a fool-proof design to prevent the user from doing illegal operations


Stony Brook University
August 2017 - Present
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, GPA: 3.51

Relevant Courses:
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • System Fundamentals II
  • Computer Networks
  • Scripting Languages
  • Data Structures
  • Graph Theory and Combinatorics
  • Probability and Statistics

Martin Van Buren HS
September 2013 - June 2017
  • Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors and Mastery in Mathematics and Science
  • Specialization in Robotics and Engineering
  • Valedictorian of the graduating class of 2017


QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer)
April 2019
  • Learned the causes of suicidal behavior
  • Able to recognize when someone needs help
  • Direct people to those who can provide appropiate mental health care

Red Watch Band
April 2020
  • Gained knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent toxic drinking deaths
  • Learned to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion and respect